Bands - Venn Records

  • Crooks - Venn Records


    In March, Cheltenham’s Crooks took 3 days out of their busy schedule to swing by Watford’s Titan Studios and record two songs with producer Steve Sears (Gallows, Hang The Bastard). The final result is ‘Still’, a breathtaking melodic hardcore record delivered with power and emotion.

  • Milk Teeth 2014 - Venn Records

    Milk Teeth

    Stroud’s Milk Teeth evoke memories of oversized plaid shirts, taking walkmans to school and pirate cassettes of Wayne’s World. Formed less than a year ago, 5000 miles from their spiritual home Seattle, Josh, Becky, Chris and Olly began making waves the instant “Smiling Politely” was released in August 2013.

  • Liber Necris - Venn Records

    Liber Necris

    The consistently flourishing Leeds scene can now boast Liber Necris in their list of underground successes. Their latest release “Negative Creator” is the perfect blend of new school Scandinavian black metal and old school death grind. Best of all it’s the most evil release you’ll hear all year.

  • Baby Godzilla - Venn Records

    Baby Godzilla

    Be afraid as Nottingham noise machine Baby Godzilla are here. No one is safe from their aural assault of complex rhythms and heavy riffs so see this band live before they lay waste to your local venue.

  • Marmozets - Venn Records


    Not many bands can combine melody, technicality and heaviness while still delivering a chaotic live show. Marmozets, whose oldest member is 21, can do all this and more.

  • Moose Blood - Venn Records

    Moose Blood

    From late Summer 2012, Moose Blood have been four dudes writing songs about relationships, friends, family and coffee drinking.  A  distinctly British twist on a sound that harks back to the glory days of Deep Elm Records and mid 90′s emo.

  • Gallows - Venn Records


    Finally given the chance to prove it’s the music that counts,  the self-titled “Gallows” is the first full-length featuring Wade MacNeil and the first release on their own Venn Records.